Like Motorsport and feeling the love this Valentines Day? Not got a card (or present) for your significant other yet? Be sure to use one of these on your Valentine! Basically we got bored here at Motorsport Banter and made some Valentines cards! Enjoy!

We have also made some for Formula E, MotoGP and the WEC. Stay tuned, as they will be coming soon!

Here is our Formula 1 edition:

Sebastian Vettel and his blue flags: A much better love story than

Bwoah, Kimi Raikkonen has some words about today too…
Kimi yes yes yes.png

Lewis Hamilton is feeling a bit #blessed today…

Max Verstappen would never let you be with another guy on the 14th of February…
No Max.png

The lord himself Pastor Maldonado has made an appearance too!

Daniel Ricciardo has a big smile, but yeah…
Ricciardo smile.png

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