Yes, you read that right…

Jarmo Mahonen, the FIA rally director working with the World Rally Championship, has essentially become the fun police of motorsport today. Why? He has come out and said that he does not want to see drivers exceed an average speed of 80mph. This comes after the new cars proved to be a lot faster than expected. However, he has also said that artificial speed limiting would not work, and that the courses will have to be made tighter in a bid to keep the speed of the off-road beasts under 80 miles per hour. This comes after the FIA cancelled Stage 12 during Rally Sweden, owing to the high speed of the cars.

I’m all for safety, but it would be nice to see the rally cars go as fast as possible. With that being said, its good to see that they aren’t going to go down the Formula 1 road and reduce performance by banning almost everything on the car.