After months of waiting the Renault RS17 has been released!

It didn’t quite go off as planned however, with broadcast interruptions threatening to ruin the live stream.

Angry reacts, angry reacts everywhere…

That wasn’t the end of the angry reacts from impatient fans (myself included, not going to lie) because Renault then revealed that it would take a little while for them to reveal the car itself. Whilst fairly common to have an interview regarding the car and the team’s ambitions heading into the season, everyone was expecting the car to be launched very soon after the start of the stream, not half an hour into it.

Renault dropped THIS bombshell 10 minutes into their stream.

After this, out came the drivers in their brand new suits!

Nico Hulkenberg, Jolyon Palmer and Sergey Sirotkin in their 2017 apparel.

Then it was time for the sound and visual effects people to hype up the launch even more, even though they didn’t really need to, as we were all roped in by this point in the hope of a fantastic livery.

And then, after a half hour wait, out came the Renault RS17 in all its beauty!

The wait was worth it. What a fantastic looking car! It’s like the new and improved model of the 2010 Renault driven by Robert Kubica.

Watch the launch event in its entirety here!