The winner of Lewis Hamilton’s helmet competition has been announced!

Lewis has gone for a very different look on his helmet this season, incorporating more of the candy apple red he asked fans to factor in, and has kept elements of yellow and white present too. As well as this, the helmet also features the colours on Ayrton Senna’s crash helmet, the green and blue. It’s also a nod back to Hamilton’s McLaren days, where he too had blue and green present on his helmet.

Here are some more anglesĀ of the winning entry!

We would like to say a massive congratulations to Rui Caldato from Brazil, who was the winner! Be sure to look at his other entries to the competitionĀ here.

I wish I had the design talent of this man. He’s made a fantastic helmet and very much deserves the chance to meet Lewis Hamilton and receive a full-scale replica of the helmet.