With the regulations changing the look of Formula 1 cars, teams are doing everything they can to push the limits of technology in a bid to increase their chances of success. With that being said, there has been some weird and wonderful new technological advances to come out of the 2017 cars. Some are echoes from a not-too-distant past, whereas others are completely new ideas. What we’ve done is we’ve taken some of the new parts and compiled them into a list of new and odd parts.

1. Mercedes T-wing

It’s a rather radical one, but its been trialed by Mercedes at Silverstone before the launch of the Mercedes W08¬†yesterday. Essentially, it is a small, T-shaped (hence the name) wing just in front on the rear wing itself.

mercedes-t-wing-700x400Photo taken of the Mercedes AMG W08.

2. Force India step nose

A reminder of the 2012 cars that quite frankly, we really didn’t want to see. The step nose was heralded as an incredibly ugly feature of the cars back then, and whilst this year’s Force India has one, it has so far been an after-thought, looking at the rest of the front wing. Dare I say it, this looks worse than the noses on the 2012 Formula 1 cars, seeing as this one just keeps going down to the required maximum wing height, as opposed to just being a little bump. Instead, this just looks like a fun slide on a playground that I would’ve gone on at the age of 6.

f1-sahara-force-india-f1-vjm10-launch-2017-step-nose-detail.jpgPhoto via Sahara Force India.

3. Mercedes side fins

Have we gone back in time to 2008 or something? Here’s a photo of the W08’s side wings compared to the Ferrari F2008’s ones. All I know is that I wouldn’t quite mind these making a little comeback.

16933848_221034885035903_583415603_n.jpgSide by side comparison photo via Racing Amusement.

4. Sauber split airbox

Here’s another little blast from the past that we haven’t seen in a few years. Sauber have decided to run a split airbox on their car in 2017. It’s the first time since 2011 that any Formula 1 outfit has decided to go with a design such as the one on the Sauber C36, so it will be interesting to see how it pans out the second time around.

f1-sauber-c36-launch-2017-sauber-c36-cockpit-and-airbox-detail.jpgPhoto via Sauber F1 Team.

5. Force India shark fin

Okay, so we all knew shark fins were going to make a return to Formula 1, but I don’t think anyone expected the sort used on LMP1 cars to come to Formula 1. But, it did, and Force India were the ones responsible for this monstrosity.

skysports-force-india-f1_3895746Photo via Sahara Force India & Sky Sports.

Basically, some of these might look awful, or you might like some of them, but what really matters is if they help deliver good results. You never know, it could be like the Ferrari F2012, where the car itself was not in any way attractive, but nearly took Fernando Alonso to a World Championship.

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