The team from Maranello have unveiled the car they will challenge the 2017 Formula 1 World Championship with. And despite Santander accidently tweeting that it would be named the SFJB-17, The car has been called the SF70-H instead.

The car has reverted back to a predominatly red design, though the shark fin is white.

Here is another photo of the new Ferrari:


However, the question of Ferrari being competitive or not is up in the air, with reports suggesting they had poor results in the windtunnel. As well as this, one must remember the forced reshuffling of their technical team midseason, with James Allison leaving the Scuderia and eventually joining Mercedes. At least one thing has been kept the same from 2016, the drivers. Kimi Raikkonen is coming off a fairly good end to 2016, and Sebastian Vettel needs to put his 2016 woes in the past.

We’ll see how it all goes when the car hits the track in Barcelona soon.

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