So we thought we would bring up something that we all dread… Our old tweets. In the world of Formula 1, it seems as if every team and driver isn’t just competing on track anymore, but also on social media for the title of Formula 1 Twitter King… Sometimes, however, they provide some classic comedic relief, especially with some of the older stuff…

Unlike people such as Premier League and NBA players, Formula 1 teams and drivers seems to be rather tame when it comes to the old tweets on relevant accounts, but there are still some absolute gems out there. Regardless, here is a collection of some of the weird and wonderful stuff tweeted out by recent F1 drivers and teams.

Lewis Hamilton discovers a rather frisky pair of monkeys…
squirrel grip.PNG
It’s an interesting way to summarise the feelings of the team…
Mercedes error.png
Whoever runs the Mercedes Twitter handled this fact-check like champions.
Lotus bants.png
At least Renault (then Lotus) saw the funny side of not getting their spelling right!
Doesnt know twitter.PNG
Are you okay Lewis? Do you need help?
Rosberg is mad.PNG
I wonder if recently retired Nico Rosberg will continue having rants like this…
No photos please.PNG
I really hope someone sent him some aloe vera for that burn.
boys in blue.PNG
Boys in blue, boys in blue…
F1 car launches gone sexual.PNG
FORMULA 1 car launch (GONE SEXUAL)
Pun game = strong
Giedo van der Garde swapped his F1 career for some Twitter fingers after Sauber didn’t let him drive…

So yeah, there is a collection of some older tweets, of which some that probably should have been deleted (or were deleted) before now…

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