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After the rest of the cars came out, we have seen even more crazy aero parts with the cars as they are launched, or on the first day of testing in Barcelona.

1. The Red Bull pingu nose.

After Red Bull launched the RB13 three days ago, the first thing I noticed was the rather different front wing setup, and of course the fact that there is a hole at the front of the car. Could this be for aerodynamic benefit, or is this purely for cooling like the hole in their 2012 step nose was? It has been dubbed the pingu nose by other news outlets such as Sky Sports, and quite frankly, I like the name as I need a bit more Pingu in my life.

Red Bull’s “pingu” nose. (Photo via Sky Sports)

2. Mercedes hole in shark fin.

Another hole, though this one is a little bit more obscure and less visible to the naked eye. In Mercedes new-for-Barcelona shark fin, they have gone with a hole of their own. It makes for an interesting look, that’s for sure.

There’s a hole in Mercedes’ shark fin. Hmmm…

3. Ferrari’s oval-shaped sidepods. 

Ferrari have gone down a rather different path in terms of how their sidepods look, with a brand new, much narrower look to them. Instead of going for a more traditional sidepod, they have used these smaller ones in order to create some airflow underneath the sidepods and help the car. The only question, however, is how will the car manage in hot conditions? Will the smaller opening lead to overheating issues?

Ferrari SF70H.jpg
Ferrari’s new and rather unconventional sidepods. (Photo via Ferrari)

4. McLaren’s front wing joints.

So they’ve decided to not only change up the car to orange this year, they’ve also gone for a rather unconventional front wing structure. The joints holding the structure together have been elongated, and holes have been put in. This seems to be to create airflow towards other areas of the car.

McLaren have put air vents in the joints between the front wing and nose cone.

5. Williams and Ferrari T-wings

Okay, we mentioned the Mercedes T-wing in the previous version of this, but Williams and Ferrari have come out with a different version of it, more similar to that used by McLaren in 1995, where the extra wing is set on the top of the airbox/roll cage structure rather than in a standalone position like the Mercedes. Unlike 22 years ago, however, this is a more narrow and elongated wing.

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