Ferrari have edged out Mercedes by the slightest of margins (0.023 seconds to be precise) in the second day of testing, with Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton both dipping into the 1:20s around the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Raikkonen’s time today was the fastest of anyone so far in the test, providing Ferrari fans worldwide with some hope for the new season.

Again, Ferrari and Mercedes seem to be bounds and leaps ahead of others, following successful days both yesterday and today. Mercedes also drew some attention when they brought a new and even more advanced version of the T-wing to testing today. Most teams seem to have jumped onto the t-wing bandwagon, with Haas joining Ferrari and Williams in running one through the test as well.

Mercedes made an interesting alteration to the T-wing today…

Interestingly enough, Raikkonen’s time was set on soft tyres while Lewis Hamilton did his best time on a set of supersofts.

It wasn’t smooth sailing for McLaren or Williams though. The Woking-based team in orange had some pretty substantial technical issues, which included having to replace a whole power unit and ease the new one into driving. Williams’ day, however, was curtailed when Lance Stroll was involved in a spin through the gravel, damaging his car. To make things worse, he had only done a measly twelve laps.

stroll testing accident.png
A still image from a fan video from Twitter of Lance Stroll losing control of the FW40.

It will be interesting how the teams go after today. Can Lance Stroll stop the haters from acquiring any more ammunition to use against him and his driving before the season starts? Is Mercedes sandbagging, or does Ferrari genuinely have the pace to compete with the Silver Arrows?