The scene is set, on a wet fateful day in Interlagos. Ferrari had taken the Constructor’s Championship for 2008, sealing a fantastic year for the men in red. However, there was still a title on the line, and home hero and Ferrari driver Felipe Massa had just crossed the finish line to win the Grand Prix, and with it, take the Formula 1 Driver’s World Championship. But then…


– Martin Brundle, 2008.

This quote, and the resulting loss of the Driver’s Championship to Lewis Hamilton and McLaren, began the start of a phase in the history of the Italian marque where they have not won anything of significance. Whilst they still won the Constructors Championship that season, they have not won either Championship since. Ferrari have come VERY close before now, losing two Drivers Championships in the final race of the season.

However, seeing as Brazil 2008 was a fairly long time ago now. What has changed since that fateful day just over eight years ago?

1. Sebastian Vettel has won four World Championships, and also joined Ferrari.

Those two Drivers’ Championships Ferrari missed out on? They went to this man. He was the driver behind the two Red Bull cars that cost Alonso the World Championship in 2010 and 2012.

With that being said though, he nearly became a fan favourite in Maranello before he’d even driven a Formula 1 race for Red Bull. Why? He was the man who put Hamilton in the position of losing the title if Glock had not lost so much ground on the dry tyres. one can only imagine that Ferrari fans would have loved him for at least the next year or two for helping ensure that both trophies came to Maranello.

After that day, he went on to have a successful career with the Milton Keynes-based team. However, after being the source of Ferrari fans’ pain since 2010, he decided to leave Red Bull to join Ferrari in 2015. He is going into his third season with the Prancing Horse and the Tifosi seem to love him again.

Ham vs Vet.png
Vettel before he passed Hamilton at Interlagos in 2008.

2. Ferrari fired Kimi Raikkonen, he left F1, and Ferrari re-hired him.

Let’s face it, before Raikkonen came back in 2012 with Lotus, he just wasn’t the same driver after winning the World Championship in 2007. Whilst 2008 had a promising start, he never seemed to regain that Championship form for the rest of his time at Ferrari.

The hierarchy within the team then chose to fire the Finnish driver to make way for Fernando Alonso

3. F1 cars have had three major re-designs.

Okay, so one of these periods of massive change began directly after this race, but we’ll still count it towards this.

In 2009, massive aerodynamic changes took place, making the cars look a lot cleaner, removing the grooved tyres and making the cars look very different to the ones which competed in 2008. The rear wing was made into a square shape, and the front wings were made longer.

In 2014, the series moved to V6 hybrid engines, which also put Mercedes into the dominant position they seem to still hold today. It made everyone have to rethink their whole

And of course this season, we now have the new aerodynamic rules, which have completely redesigned the profile of the cars. Back are the more rectangular rear wings, and the front wings have also been completely re-profiled, with other changes all around the cars.

4. Formula 1 has had four new teams, and three of them have gone broke.

Virgin, Lotus Racing and Hispania Racing Team (HRT) were all new to the F1 grid in 2010, while fellow newcomers Haas made their debut in 2016.

However, the first three teams have all dropped out of Formula 1 since. They also had lots of struggles when they were in Formula 1. HRT struggled to find a strong enough corporation to run the team, while the other two were both tight for money and went through name changes. Lotus became Caterham, and Virgin became Marussia and then Manor. The first of the three to drop out of F1 was HRT in 2012, Caterham became the second in 2014, and finally Manor at the start of this year.

Let’s hope Haas doesn’t end up like them, but who knows, they could end up leaving F1 before Ferrari win their next Championship if the Prancing Horse don’t get it together for a long time.

Caterham’s two cars and Charles Pic’s Marussia in 2012.

5. Four engine manufacturers have left F1, and one made a comeback.

Shows how much F1 has changed since 2008. BMW, Honda, Toyota and Cosworth have all left F1 since Lewis Hamilton overtook Timo Glock on the final lap, at the final corner on that fateful day.

However, despite leaving F1 after that race, Honda has since made a return to F1, but the results aren’t exactly going too well just yet, despite it being the third year of their return…

6. Lots of tracks have come and gone.

A lot of new races showed up, these races were held at the Baku City Circuit, the Red Bull Ring, the Circuit of the Americas, the Sochi Autodrom, and the Yas Marina Circuit.

A fair few departed from the F1 calendar too, such as the Istanbul Park Circuit, the Valencia Street Circuit, the Magny-Cours circuit, and the Nurburgring.

To add to all this, the Korean and Indian Grands Prix both started after 2008, but have both since been removed from the calendar!

7. Lance Stroll signed to the Ferrari driver academy, left, joined Williams, and now has a race seat.

When Ferrari last won a Championship, Lance Stroll had just turned ten years old. Now, he is a 18-year-old rookie about to take part in his first Formula 1 World Championship with Williams. Stroll was signed to the Ferrari Driver Academy, but left at the end of 2015 to chase an opportunity with Williams, which has worked out quite well for him, up until someone decided to turn him into the next Pastor Maldonado

Stroll in 2010, when he was a Ferrari Driver Academy member, at age 11.

8. Pastor Maldonado’s entire Formula 1 career happened. 

He came to Williams, crashed a lot, won a race out of nowhere in 2012, continued to crash, left for Lotus, crashed some more, ran out of money and left, and became immortalised by the internet as a meme legend.

Maldonado Aus 2015.jpg
F1 just isn’t the same without Pastor…

9. Nico Hulkenberg made his F1 debut, and has changed teams 5 times…




Williams, Force India, Sauber, Force India again and now Renault. It’s been a busy and very chaotic career for the German, who has never seemed to get the break that he deserved in the earlier part of his career.

With that being said, who knows whether he will call Renault home for long, or change teams for the sixth time at some point before Ferrari wins it all again…

Hulkenberg with Williams in his debut season. (Photo via LAT)

10. We started up this Website, and our Social Media pages. 

It’s been four years and 7 months now since our F1-based Facebook page was opened, and ever since, things have changed a lot for us. With nearly 60,000 fans on Facebook (at time of writing) and 22,500+ followers on Instagram, it has been a big ride. With that being said, Instagram wasn’t even around when Ferrari won their last Championship too…

During our time on the Internet however, Ferrari have not come anywhere near being World Champions, with Red Bull and then Mercedes giving nobody else a chance to even dream of the World Championship. We’ve come a long way, that’s for sure. Maybe we’ll still be around and even bigger when Ferrari wins another Championship!

Anyway, there is ten things that have happened since Ferrari last won a Championship! We hope you enjoyed the list!

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