As Formula 1 fans, we are really, really spoilt for choice here this season, with most teams deciding that new colours or new, better designs were good ideas for the new generation of Formula 1 cars. As a result, we’ve been given an absolute treat, with most teams going for new liveries, and making the cars look better overall.

Here is my ranking of liveries, sorted from least favourite to favourite.

10. Force India

Okay, this was by far the worst looking one. the livery was okay, but oh my, everything else on the car had so much potential, but they went and made it as ugly as possible it seems., so much so it has distracted everyone from the (somewhat) new colour, which really isn’t that bad.



If they could come up with a new livery next season and freshen things up for the first time since Martini became their title sponsor, that would be fantastic…

Regardless, the car still looks very nice.


8. McLaren

Yes, McLaren did finally go with orange like the fans wanted them to, but it’s just a disjointed attempt at making some sort of hybrid between orange and black. With that being said, the shots of the car on track are fantastic, and the launch pics haven’t done it justice. The only issue I have really is the fact that the car looks like something that would’ve been designed by Marussia.

Honestly, if this was any other year, the car would probably be a little bit higher up the list, but no, this is 2017, and every team (bar a very small number of them) has decided to come up with fantastic liveries.

In McLaren’s defense, however, the orange does make for a nice colour on track.


With all this being said however, a render of the McLaren with white replacing black popped up on Instagram, and I think that would look better. What do you think?

McLaren White Concept f1.jokes.png

7. Haas

The white from last season’s Haas is gone, and in comes some black to replace it.

The best part of this livery though has to be how they’ve coloured the shark fin on the VF17. It draws attention away from the fin, and so it will mean that those who dislike it being there will have nothing they can say about it. Despite this, I’m not a fan of the fact that the black changes into a grey around the sidepods and airbox. Definitely some room for improvement in my opinion.


6. Ferrari

Okay, here’s where it gets hard to decide which is my favourite.

After the ill-fated 2016 season, its nice to see Ferrari depart from the white they used on the SF16-H and go back to a more red colour. With that being said, the white was nice on the SF16-H, but it was an awkward in that there either wasn’t enough or was way too much of it on the car.

Either way, its a nice looking car for the Scuderia this season.


5. Mercedes

Despite the team claiming it is the best looking car, it has only got to number 5 here.

In all fairness to the Brackley-based team, it is a nice looking car. Though with that being said, it would have been nice to see a bit more change than there was in the end. Still a solid looking car though. Maybe if the T-wing wasn’t around, it would potentially go ahead of one or two of the cars ahead of it…



4. Red Bull

Red Bull have delivered a nice livery yet again. Whilst it is pretty similar to last year’s edition, the RB12, the streamlined look caused by the change from Total fuel to Mobil 1 fuel makes for a better looking colour scheme. It’s a win for Red Bull too, who now get to show off three sponsors in the space that Total took up. As well as this, it must be acknowledged that Red Bull have made an attempt to cover up the pingu-nose on the front of their car by painting it black, and having the yellow distract fans from the nose.

Verstappen 2017 TEsting.jpg

3. Renault

Whilst the yellow of last year’s RS16 made for a change compared to the copious amounts of black cars on the 2016 grid, the yellow and the black of this season’s RS17 makes for a better looking colour scheme!


With that being said though, imagine if Renault actually did go and put blue where the black is. I think most F1 fans (myself included) would go crazy over how good it looks! I have no idea who made this, but the design is fantastic.


2. Sauber

A new and very much improved look for the Sauber I think. Gone is the awkwardly-spread yellow, and in comes a much better looking design. As well as this, the blue is a much nicer royal shade. Whilst improvements could still be made in places, it is still a fantastic looking car.


1. Toro Rosso

Let’s be honest here, after their launch and the reveal of their new-for-2017 livery, who else were you expecting to be on top here?

The blue and the chrome come together fantastically to create a livery which for the first time in Toro Rosso’s history, is fundamentally different to that of the senior Red Bull team.


And that there is my list of favourite liveries, I hope you enjoyed it!

Which is your favourite livery of the 2017 season? Be sure to join the discussion on social media or by commenting here!