It’s some rather alarming news coming out of Barcelona for McLaren Honda fans today.

The team has announced that Stoffel Vandoorne will need a new engine to be put in the car, after an electrical fault after a problem during this morning’s running. This failure puts pay to a fairly good morning for the men from Woking.

With all this being said, McLaren are now on their sixth engine of the testing period, and with that being said, it gets worse. Not only is this the FIFTH day of testing for the season, the worst problem for McLaren is that the current regulations only allow four engines to be used over the course of a season.

The minds at Honda and McLaren will need to think of a positive fix for the issue very quickly, or we could be seeing a new record for quickest time to incur an engine overuse penalty from the start of the season.

Felipe Massa has recorded the fastest time of the field heading towards lunchtime.