In Formula 1, pre-season testing is used to showcase new parts, and it provides a fantastic opportunity for teams to test different bits and pieces for the upcoming season. However, they also need some way of measuring the gains from the parts. Enter the metal looking structures that are often found on cars during testing. They are essentially aerodynamic rakes which act as sensors. They are used to measure airflow and act as sensors over certain parts of the car, and therefore are often used by F1 teams to see what effect certain developments have had on the airflow of the car.

As a result of these parts showing up more and more often, some pockets of fans have built a tendency to refer to the parts as something from a farm, seeing as they look like a cattle grid of some sort. This brings about the joke of saying that cars with these parts on are from a different formula called Farmula 1. Over the years, we’ve seen some pretty crazy stuff, and here is a selection of rather interesting looking parts on the cars. Here’s a collection of these parts on the 2017 cars…

A rather large and intricate setup here on the back of the SF70H. (Via Sky Sports F1)
Verstappen RB
Some interesting side work on the Red Bull. (via Red Bull)
An intersting set of rakes on the MCL32. (via Reddit)
McLaren Aero Rakes
McLaren with some aero rakes in front of their sidepods… (via
F1 renault AR
Aero Rakes on the Renault RS17. (via

Sometimes with all these aero mods popping up, we wonder if F1 has gone too far with them, but then again, they’re only here for testing, so it doesn’t really matter in the long run…