Fernando Alonso has voiced his frustrations at Honda again.

The two-time World Champion has been quoted as saying that the Honda engine has not improved since 2016, despite the optimistic winter the Woking squad had.

“It is similar to last year to be honest. In 2015, probably we were even [further] behind than now. Probably this year is a bit more frustrating because the change of regulations and things like that, you have higher hopes when you think you can close that gap over the winter. Definitely we need to improve and we must improve. The situation is far from ideal. We are a big team.”

– Fernando Alonso, 2017

This level of pessimism from the whole team must really be getting to McLaren fans now. After all, they have one of, if not the best driver on the grid driving the MCL32 this season, as well as what seems to be a fairly good chassis. but with all these assets, they have no chance of success in the near future┬ábecause of their Honda engine. It’s now been over 10 years since Honda last picked up a Formula One victory, and it seems like way longer…

Here’s a throwback to happier times for Honda.

Also, on a quick side note: Is Fernando Alonso the unluckiest driver to have ever raced in Formula One? Since his move away from McLaren in 2007, he has never had the fastest car, and has seemed to be driving at a level which had not been seen since the days of Michael Schumacher’s domination of the sport.