Race shit, get hit…?

During the final few laps of the Kobalt 400 in Las Vegas, Joey Logano and Kyle Busch made contact. The accident happened after Kyle Busch cut down the track to avoud Brad Keselowski’s slower car, but he got into a tangle with Logano’s car. This sent Busch into a spin and down to 22nd, while Logano finished fourth.

Ky. Busch and Logano mid accident.

In a rather ironic twist, Kyle Busch was the one who threw the first punch, but was the one which came out of the scrap with blood on his face. Logano came to talk to Busch after the race to sort out the accident, but Busch was having none of it, after losing lots of valuable points.

View what TV cameras caught of the fight (and the accident) here:

What do you think of this? Does Kyle Busch deserve to be penalised for what he did after the race? After all, violence isn’t exactly the best way to solve most problems…

Kyle Busch after fighting with Logano and his pit crew.