Force India have become the latest F1 team to choose a new colour and design for their 2017, with the livery on the car at their launch gone, to be replaced by a pink design.

This comes as a result of the Indian team signing a new sponsorship deal with European water company BWT. The company has a history of requiring that their sponsored teams run pink liveries on their cars, and Force India are no different in that regard. The Silverstone-based team announced on their social media channels that they would be undergoing the change for the Australian Grand Prix as a result of the new deal. Vijay Mallya has also said that the new livery change is an indication of the strength of the partnership between BWT and Force India, whilst also stating that he felt the new deal was big news for F1 due to the scale of BWT’s operations.

To add to all this, the team has said that both drivers will change their helmet designs to suit the new livery.

What do you think of the livery? Do you prefer this one or the one they launched the car with? Have a look at them both below.

VJM10 pink livery.
VJM10 launch livery.

Personally, I like that they have gone with a very different livery, but I’m hoping they sponsor breast cancer research or another pink-based charity. But with that being said, I’m not going to lie in the fact that I just want their 2014 launch livery to come back. Hell, they could go one step further and just have a full orange or green car to suit the colours of the Indian flag. Now THAT would be different…