It’s a rather interesting topic, and we’ve decided to delve into the world of weird F1 stats. After doing this, we’ve made a list of weird and wonderful records that you probably didn’t know. Anyway, without further ado, here is our list of 10 weird F1 records.

1. Only person to start a race from last and first: Marcus Winkelhock

Adding to this, Winkelhock also holds the distinction of being the only person to ever lead every single F1 race they took part in. These records come from the red-flagging of the 2007 European Grand Prix, where the Spyker driver lucked into the perfect tyre choice as the race rapidly got wet on the first lap. The German pitted at the end of the formation lap to put on standard wet tyres, and benefited heavily from there, as every other driver eventually had to come in and pit too.

However, his advantage was eroded when the race was red-flagged, but he still got to lead the race at the safety car restart, thus creating the record of starting a race last and then first. It didn’t last long though, with the faster cars overtaking him, and a hydraulic failure put pay to all his hard work anyway.

Winkelhock behind the safety car.

2. Driver who was overtaken the most in one season: Charles Pic

This record is held by Charles Pic, who was overtaken SEVENTY times in the 2012 season. He still ended up in a Caterham for the 2013 season after this, then again, one of those overtakes was made by Vitaly Petrov, who he ended up replacing. As well as this, that final pass also cost Marussia 10th place in the Constructors’ Championship that season. My oh my…

Charles Pic Marussia.jpg
Charles Pic during the 2012 F1 season.

3. Only team to win 100% of Championships they competed in: Brawn GP

Yep. The remnants of Honda’s former F1 team came and went after the one year, but despite being around for such a little time, they picked up both Championships in the one season they races.

Will anything like this happen ever again?

The team that bought them out, Mercedes, have of course won three of their own now too…

4. Longest time between first and last points finishes: Michael Schumacher

The seven times World Champion has found his way onto this list as well.

His first points finish was at the 1991 Italian Grand Prix, and his last one was at the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix. That’s a staggering gap of 7,749 days, or 21 years, 2 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days, 2 Hours, 53 Minutes and 20 Seconds. Will we ever see anyone be so competitive for so long ever again?

Schumi Italy91 Brazil12
Schumacher racing in the races in which he took his first and last points finishes.

5. The only driver to ever receive mechanical aid during a race: Lewis Hamilton

Another weird record from the 2007 European Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton is the only driver to have ever received mechanical aid and go on to finish a race. Obviously, the other drivers in the gravel couldn’t have been too happy. To add to this, in a move which was not in any way surprising, this practice was outlawed after the race, therefore confirming Hamilton’s place in the record books.

hamilton crane
Hamilton being lifted back onto the track by a crane mid-race in 2007.

The lift itself was to no real avail however, as he ended up finishing 9th in the race, which back in 2007 meant he was a solitary place outside the points-paying positions. As well as this, he also lost a certain streak of results to start his F1 career…

6. Most podiums from first ever F1 race: Lewis Hamilton

Speaking of that streak, here we are. After finishing the 2007 Australian Grand Prix in third, the Briton went on to finish the next seven races on the podium as well, packing his first two wins in that streak as well.

Montreal 2007 Podium
Hamilton celebrating his first ever win on the podium.

7. The lowest ever F1 finish: Narain Karthikeyan

The cucumber himself holds a rather odd record, which with the declining number of teams in F1, might stay for a long time to come…

This record happened in the 2011 European Grand Prix, where every single car finished the Grand Prix. This meant that Narain Karthikeyan holds the lowest ever finishing position in an F1 race with 24th place.

Karthikeyan 2011 Europe
Narain Karthikeyan during the 2011 European Grand Prix. (Photo by Sutton via GP Update)

8. Most consecutive starts (and also from debut): Nico Rosberg

The recently retired 2016 World Champion also holds a rather obscure record, as he has started the most races since his debut in Formula 1. Unless something crazy happens in the week before the Australian Grand Prix and he ends up in the Mercedes W08, this streak will come to an end on 206 starts, going back to his debut in Bahrain in 2006 to the 2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, where he won his Championship.

Rosberg Bahrain 2006
Rosberg during his F1 debut. (Photo by Getty Images)

9. Shortest ever F1 career: Ernst Loof

Most people think this record belongs to Marco Apicella on an 800 metre long career in Formula 1, but really, it belongs to German Ernst Loof, who contested the 1953 German Grand Prix.

The German had a fuel pump issue, and thus only lasted just under two metres in the race. Yep, his race was over in the blink of an eye. With that being said, this was the only race the West German ever competed in, thus meaning he had the shortest ever Formula 1 career at a measly total of six feet, which is shorter than Esteban Ocon’s height…

Ernst Loof #30
Ernst Loof in the 1953 German Grand Prix. (He is car #30)

As well as this, the race itself also created a record for the most starters in a Formula One race, with 34.

10. Longest time between F1 starts: Jan Lammers

The Dutchman raced in F1 between 1979 and 1982, with his final start of this period being the 1982 Dutch Grand Prix. He then spent the next 10 years out of the sport, racing in other disciplines such as CART and Le Mans. However, his time in F1 was not up, and Lammers made a comeback for the 1992 Japanese and Australian Grands Prix with March. This meant that he broke the record for the longest time between starts, waiting a grand total of 3,767 days.

He was set to continue his career in 1993, but March unfortunately went bankrupt, and thus he did not get to add to his 41 entries and 23 starts.

Jan Lammers 1992
Lammers with March in 1992.

And there is 10 crazy F1 records you may have never known! We hope you enjoyed the list!