That’s right, we could see the winless and very unreliable partnership that is McLaren and Honda in the 21st Century come to an end.

It has been reported by various sources that the Woking-based team have contacted Mercedes regarding the availability of their engine supply, to replace Honda as soon as possible.

The last time McLaren raced with Mercedes engines was in 2014.

These rumours come after Eric Boullier claimed that McLaren would be able to win races if they had Mercedes engines, rather than the current Honda supply. Reports also suggest that McLaren are currently seeing into the feasibility of the partnership with Honda, and what a new deal with another manufacturer would mean for the team.

Of course, to get out of their contract with Honda would take a lot of negotiation. To add to this, the Japanese car company want to continue focussing on their F1 programme after finding the cause of their unreliablilty, this probably won’t happen any time soon.

If the reported contact has taken place, it must have been very awkward for McLaren…