It is said that we shouldn’t try to be racing drivers when we hit the open roads, but what if you actually are a racing driver? If you are, the rules that are enforced on average people still apply, so bad luck.

Former Williams F1 test driver and DTM racing driver Susie Wolff has now found this out the hard way. She lost an appeal in a British court on Friday to have her drivers’ licence reinstated after multiple speeding offences. The Briton attempted to appeal the ban citing “hugely embarrasing” given her charity work concerning motorsport, and her job as a Mercedes ambassador.

Wolff has been a Mercedes ambassador since retiring from motorsport in 2015. She won’t be doing anything like this for the next six months though…

The judge of her case, however, dismissed the appeal, citing the fact that it may well be an embarrassment given her position, but that it is a justified ban. Wolff’s ban had been suspended since November pending the appeal result, but is now in full effect after the judge’s decision to uphold the ban.

It is a hugely embarrassing situation to find myself in, I’m a professional driver and to be caught speeding and to have my licence taken away for speeding, it would have an effect on my reputation.

– Susie Wolff

Susie Wolff was fined £500 for the offence, and had to pay a further £360 in other fees. With that being said, the impact of this ban on her work will probably be of a far greater impact on her than the financial costs from the fine itself.

You had one job, Susie. After all, as Bernie Ecclestone says: Think before you drive.