No, wait, it’s Lewis Hamilton who’s won the race. Maybe next time someone will do a shoey. Judging by his recent comments, Hamilton is about as keen on shoeys as I am of stepping on lego or stubbing my pinky toe.

The British three-time World Champion took to a Facebook Live Q&A with Mercedes sponsor UBS recently, and during the session, the topic of Ricciardo’s shoey celebration came up. In this discussion, the Mercedes driver made it clear that he would never partake in the shoey ritual.

There is no racing achievement [that will get me to do a shoey], that is disgusting. I wouldn’t even drink sweat from my own shoe. We’ve got these hydraulic fluids going down there, they’re running at 300 degrees or something crazy. My Dad would call it toe jam – he’s just drinking toe jam.

– Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton did however, go on to say that he thought it was cool that Ricciardo had his “own little thing” and would not mind it at all if Ricciardo kept on doing shoeys after races.

One thing is for sure though, if Red Bull and Ricciardo pull of a win in Australia, the scenes will be crazy.

Lewis mate, you’re dogging the boys here by not wanting to do a shoey…