After Mercedes introduced the T wing during the pre-season tests, and elaborated heavily on the design over the eight days, several other teams have come prepared for Melbourne with their own copycat editions, or complete new iterations of them like Williams, as seen in the picture above. However, it isn’t plain sailing for the new additions to the 2017 cars.

The F1 race director has come out and said that due to fan backlash following the introduction of the T-wing and re-introduction of the shark fin, he feels that these two aerodynamic modifications will be banned in the 2018 regulations.

Next year I think there is quite a good chance that that [ban] will be done because quite a few people feel that they are a bit of an unsightly thing. I personally don’t have anything against them, but it was something that was always going to be possible. I think the reaction of everybody probably wasn’t expected.

– Charlie Whiting

He also said that the T-wings used in Melbourne would have to pass flexibility tests, as judged by the fact that multiple teams had wings flexing during high loads in corners.

All I know is that I think they look alright, but I can understand why people don’t like them.